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Welcome to your source for professional real estate services. Be sure to contact us with any of your real estate questions, and enjoy our web site.

Rich Kissel & Company work tirelessly to help both sellers and buyers to make the right decisions.  They can help you to formulate solid plans with their extensive knowledge and experience with wealth building and tax strategies.  They employ an extensive network of professionals who will help you take the guesswork out of your plans.  The team has extensive experience in Culver City, the beach cities, and surrounding areas of the Greater Los Angeles real estate market. 
If you are looking to buy or sell a home or investment property, or you would just like more information, feel free to call Rich Kissel directly at 310-739-6577 or email .
As a listing agent in Los Angeles County, Rich Kissel has an extensive marketing plan that gives a homeowner the best chance of getting the maximum value for their property. We use the latest technology to get you presence on the web and on the screens of potential buyers at home and especially on their smartphones and tablets where we use video and GPS to optimize their impression of your home or to simply find it and make it stand out from the pack of listings out there.  We firmly believe that your real estate agent has a responsibility to not only you, but also your neighbor to protect the value of homes in your neighborhood.  We sell neighborhoods and the homes in them.  We don't just sell on price the way so many agents do.
We fight for you!  As a proactive REALTOR ® we actively participate in Public Policy at the Beverly Hills/ Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors.  This assures clients of intimate local area knowledge through community participation at all governmental and social levels.  Furthermore, they advocate for you, the homeowner, to protect home ownership from the constant barrage of attacks governments are making to shift costs and responsibilities of government to homeowners.  Things like sidewalk repair, property taxes, mortgage deduction, and government mandates that cost sellers dearly when selling their homes and buildings.

For buyers, we can assure you of an extensive search for the property that suits your needs with our search and notification services with access to all area properties. Our Smartphone technology uses the same GPS and Optimization for your mobile device while you are literally driving around.  No more waiting to find out if that home you just drove by is for you.  We can negotiate the best possible deal. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing the smiles that come with a successful sale or the purchase of a lifetime.

Finally, a little advice.  Always work with an agent who knows your area and personally owns the type of property you are working with. Agents who don't practice what they preach and have never experienced home ownership or rental property should not be used.  It's one thing to be taught about all the ins and outs, but it is far different than having been there.  It's not what your agent knows, but what they don't know that can hurt you!  This goes double for rental property ownership.

Thanks again for choosing our team as your Culver City / Los Angeles real estate resource.  

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